Podcast Interview with PJ Goldfeder, Yonkers (NY) Fire Officers Association President and NEP Services Customer Success Manager

Jim Aleski

December 8, 2023

“I spun my wheels trying to bring emotion to it. Because emotion is good for us… Appealing to the emotions of that mom, of that grandma, of that grandpa… What happens if you need us? Are we going to be available? But the reality of it is, unless they’ve needed us in the past, they’re willing to roll those dice… So I’ve really stepped back from emotion now… And now, it’s all about data and analytics. How do we harness the data and analytics and the communications skills to bring us back full circle? To getting that elected official? To getting an audience with that elected official? And getting them to see our point of view.”

NEP Media's Jim Aleski talks with PJ Goldfeder, a more than 23 year Yonkers (NY) Fire Department veteran and Assistant Chief. PJ also serves as the Yonkers Uniformed Fire Officers Association (UFOA) President and a Customer Success Manager for NEP Services. Jim and PJ discuss the Yonkers UFOA's recent communication strategies during the 2023 election season, their success with digital targeting and brand building within their city, and much more.