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Podcast Interview with Michele Freeman, PhD, American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (Nevada Chapter) and Retired Chief of the City of Las Vegas Department of Public Safety

Jim Aleski

September 27, 2023

"It’s the people first. If we don’t have the people, then we can’t have people taking care of other people in our community. So we need to care about our people.”

NEP Media's Jim Aleski talks with Michele Freeman, PhD, a nearly 30 year law enforcement veteran who served for almost a decade as Chief of the City of Las Vegas Department of Public Safety. Dr. Freeman earned her Doctor of Public Policy Degree, which focused on Suicide Awareness and Prevention for Law Enforcement Officers from UNLV and has been a long-time volunteer with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention Nevada chapter. Dr. Freeman facilitates educational programs dedicated to resiliency, mental wellness, emotional health, self-care, holistic wellness, suicide awareness and prevention, and overall well-being.

Jim Aleski is a more than 25-year fire service veteran and career engine company Lieutenant in the Philadelphia metro area. Jim serves as a Branding and Content Specialist at NEP Services and formerly served as the Communications/Social Media Director for the Professional Firefighters Association of New Jersey (PFANJ), the state affiliate of the International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF). Prior to becoming a career firefighter, Jim responded as a volunteer while working for more than a decade as a media producer. Jim was involved in the production ofhundreds of national TV commercials, network branding campaigns, music videos,and corporate communication projects. Jim holds a BS in Mass Communications from Emerson College and earned a MS in Fire and Emergency Management Administration from Oklahoma State University.